Arrow ! By Seafloor Control,,

They’re at it again,, never resting on their laurels,, always coming up with new inventions..

Their latest jig, Arrow!

Can’t wait to lay my hands on this one!!!

Picture courtesy : Seafloor Control

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万能!2枚潮 👍

Their newest addition to the range of awesome slowpitch jigs,,,


Just arrived! Can’t wait to try them,, my favourite brand! ftw  

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Abyss ?


Announcing a new jig from Seafloor Control,,, launching this week,, will it be the Abyss ?

picture credits : amberjack 

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Back to basics,,

I remembered the first time I tied on a Seafloor Control Gawky. It was like the first time you learn to ride a bicycle. You want to pedal faster but afraid to fall. You want to let Gawky flutter and fall but you’re worried some monster will hit it hard.

Went back to using a Gawky again, days ago… When every one, beginner or enthusiast, is asking/using Rector, I went back to Gawky


And a 80g Gawky! That little non-conformist in me,,

Earlier that morning, something took my new 200g Aurora color ARC on the drop. I couldn’t stop it advances and the Black Stream #6 leader gave way to some sharp teeth,, sure feels different/more feel with pe1.2 and #6 fc leader but next time I’ll step up to a #8 bite tipper,, till the next trip,,, Tight Lines guys,,

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Tenryu Horizon SL loading,,

So how much load can a slow pitch rod actually take? 2kg? 4kg?,, see how this rod handles,,,

Just when you thought 5kg is nutz!!

Surely, I wouldn’t dare do that with a slow jerker,, but I’ve to say, this Horizon SL is pretty close to slow jerker in terms of rebound,, and one of the most value for $,, anyone looking to try this rod? Email me

Picture courtesy:

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I love ARC !!!

These just arrived,,,

The most versatile slow pitch jig to date!! Now available in 200g ! 

I had 230g on a pslj 603-3 n it’s great,, let’s see how the 200g respond,, check back here for updates,,,

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Beat Propagate BLX updates,,,

Ogai san, Beat sensei, just announced their new rods, the Propagate BLX, will go on sale in June 2015,,these are supposed to have good rebound n super sensitivity,, They will be in power #1+, #2+, #3+ and #4+,, #1+ being a power 1.5 n #2+ being power 2.5 etc,, you get the idea,,,can’t wait to try them,,,!!!

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Deep Liner Logical

Deep Liner debuted a range of slow pitch jigging rods during the tackle show in Osaka this month. 

Yesterday, they launched the first rod in the series. 

Logical 60 #4

More details later,,,

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Burma Bank slow pitch return trip,,,2015

Ever since I slow pitch Burma Banks couple of years ago, been itching to return for another go….
Got an invitation from Aidil for a trip right smack into Chinese New Year, which I unwillingly have to pass,,

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
And he sent me this! Fresh into the trip! Good one bro!!

Seafloor Control Gawky 220gm
Silver zebra glow ( we’ve not seen gawky captives for awhile, have we?)
On a Studio Oceanmark L50hi,, his fav reel!

How can I not make a return trip next year??

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New Poseidon additions,,,


News from Japan Fishing Festival that ended today.. new Poseidon additions.. looking forward to try them,,,

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